How Might We Move Forward?

How might we move forward? This is a great question to start the New Year! We hope you’ve spent some time planning the next 365 days. Business has shifted to a much faster pace. It’s almost become crazy to look at five and 10-year plans because something radical can change tomorrow. In fact, I’ve become […]

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The Best Video Marketing Strategy Tips

This year in digital marketing campaign strategies marks an unprecedented love and success of video marketing on multiple media outlets. The industry success so far in 2017 embraces and creatively utilizes video marketing. Increasing video marketing investments also demonstrate the current statistical data available. What was deemed “up-and-coming” is video-based technology. Video marketing is hailed a […]

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Guard Your Credit Mobile Workers!

Are you aware Equifax is not going to contact you if your credit was recently compromised? You’ll need to confirm you were one of the victims of this security breach with Equifax! Crazy, isn’t it? This cyber security incident potentially impacts consumer information including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, etc., leaving your credit potentially vulnerable. We […]

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