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What are you searching for?

This Idea Factory, Jelly! Chattanooga event we’ll focus on how to create more effective searches. If you want to find information, are you asking the right questions in your online searches? Walk away with practical tips to find the information you want! Find free and low budget effective resources. Bring your digital device. Plug in. We’ll share some “cheater tips.”

Bring just a notepad and a favorite writing tool for lots of notes or loaded with questions. Want to bounce some new ideas around and get feedback? Wishing for a guide and coach through the maze of social media platforms? Bring your top social media questions. We’ll get the answers for you. Need a place to brainstorm or spark your innovation? Be here! Practical business tips gather here. We can’t wait to meet you.

Tired of the business card sling-fest of other networking events? Connect with the event participants and get announced over our social media profiles in Facebook and Twitter!

Free workspace, free coffee, free Internet during our event. Step up your business game….HERE!

Check out the history of Jelly! events that happen around the world www.workatjelly.com.

Metered parking is available for 2 hours on Pine Street, during office hours. There is also parking lot access at Chestnut and 7th and in the adjoining parking garage. Hope you’ll come and Jelly! with us!

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