10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Office

Heard the saying, “Always be prepared?” Yeah, me, too. You would typically think nothing can happen at the office that will leave you feeling ill prepared. Think again!

Think, too, about how your office life affects your health. Investing in some simple items can really benefit your health at the office. Here are 10 things you didn’t know you needed in your office:

  1. Plants

    – Did you know that studies have shown that plants increase your general happiness? One study that spans 10 years suggests that employees are 15 percent more productive when just a few plants exist at the office. Just having a plant in your office or home can cause you to feel more connected to the outdoors and less trapped in your space. Certain plants can also purify the air in your office, maximizing your health. For more information about how plants can clean your office air, watch this enlightening Ted Talk on the topic. Don’t worry if you’re not a green thumb. There’s hope you can have a plant in your office. Besides those two persuading reasons, plants are nice to look at and can make your space look better and more inviting, so do it for your clients or guests!

  2. Dammit Doll

    A dammit doll is perfect for those times you just need to hit something. You had a bad meeting or lost a client and have some pent-up anger. Grab your dammit doll and smack your desk! Studies have shown that boxing or using a punching bag can relieve stress. This is the same principle, just more convenient. Hit something with your dammit doll and feel better! Beware: other people will find out and request to use your doll when angered.

  3. Phone/ Tablet Stand

    – This is helpful so that you don’t get distracted. If you’re working on the computer and a notification pops up, glance over and see if it’s important. If it’s not, continue working. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing to pick up the device and check it. This can also free up extra space and help you stay organized. You also will never miss an important call you were expecting because you didn’t hear or see the call.

  4. Almonds an office snackSnacks!

    – Snacks come in handy when you’re working late or have an early morning. Say you didn’t have time to make your normal breakfast and you’re a little peckish after that first cup of coffee. Grab some nuts or trailmix in your drawer instead of leaving the office to get a donut or muffin. Keeping a few snacks stocked in your office at all times can also help curb your appetite and keep you honest. If you snack throughout the day, you’re more likely not to overeat when it’s time for a meal. Healthy snacks are always the best option, too, such as nuts, trailmix, fruit, dried fruit, veggie chips, hummus and raw veggies or greek yogurt. Try to avoid candy and pastries unless it’s a treat yourself day.If you’re sick of nuts and chips, try making healthy granola bars on the weekend and eating them throughout the week. Here are eight recipes to try. If you can afford a mini fridge or trust your office mates not to steal, you can always take fresh squeezed juice or a green smoothie to work! Healthy snacks will keep your brain sharp. Snacking throughout the day and always having extra on hand will ensure that you never go hungry and that your brain and body have the fuel they need to maintain the energy necessary to stay productive.

  5. Mints

    – You just enjoyed a cup of French onion soup for lunch and you have an important meeting. Need I say more? Grab a mint! Your clients do not want to smell your onion breath and neither do your coworkers. Always have mints stocked so you’re never embarrassed about your lunch breath! If you’re worried about the sugar or chemicals in mints, here is an organic option.

  6. Heater and Fan Combo

    – In the winter, your office is cold. In the summer, it’s hot. Instead of investing in two machines, invest in a combo! You will always be comfortable in whatever weather is occurring and so will your clients.

  7. Chair Cushion and Back Rest

    – If you spend most of your time sitting in your chair behind a desk, your back will likely suffer unless you have fantastic posture. Most humans slouch unconsciously and especially if they’re focused on their work. Investing in a back rest and a chair cushion will help your body stay supported. A comfortable and convenient option is the Miracle Bamboo Cushion that conforms to your body. Another great option for spine support is the Lumbar Seat Back Support Cushion. Try one or both and see the results in your back and neck.

  8. Cubii

    – A more expensive investment for your overall health that you can utilize in your office is an under-desk elliptical such as Cubii. There are other less expensive versions, however Cubii is quiet and syncs with your Fitbit. These machines help keep your body active while you’re working at a desk. The workout can be strenuous or not, depending on you. Exercising also benefits your brain, which benefits your work. Stay fit at your desk with convenience.

  9. Tide To Go Pen

    A Tide To Go Pen can save your day and your expensive pants. Similar to a bad breath situation, if you have a meeting with a client and spilled ketchup, coffee or salad dressing on your pants, this pen can save your meeting and your fancy pants.

  10. Band Aids

    – Lastly, the ole trusty band aid. A paper cut can bleed like crazy and after a few hours, can be very sore. You’ll want to cover up that wound asap to avoid bumping it or getting blood everywhere. You don’t want to be the person who goes from office to office requesting a band aid. Always be prepared for small, accidental injuries.

We hope that we have broadened your mind to what’s available to keep you prepared, successful and healthy in your day to day office life. If you think stocking up on these items sounds too time consuming, see our blog about finding space at a full-service office where we take care of you!