2017 Fun Fall Events Hosted In Chattanooga

The Fall event season in Chattanooga provides an abundant amount of seasonal specific fun for its community and visitors as the summer comes to an end that can’t be missed. The Chattanooga area is notorious for its landmarks and attractions that only get better as the Fall season sets in and the leaves change into beautiful colors. Don’t forget the increasingly comfortable outdoor temperatures. So how best should you invest your time participating in local Fall Events here in Chattanooga?

We’re provided a few notable options coming up this 2017 Fall season:


– RiverRocks is a multi-day Chattanooga event held October 6th through the 21st bringing local out of state athletes together to compete in the scenic city and celebrate the beauty and fun of the outdoors and live music. The athletic appeal of Chattanooga allows RiverRocks to provide events such as rock climbing, trail running, kayaking, open water swimming, rowing, cycling, off-road biking and other various paddling for all levels of participant’s expertise. RiverRocks’s not only provides these incredibly exhilarating athletic opportunities in the scenic city, but also provides live music and urban rappelling.

This is a must for athletic outdoor enthusiasts locally and visiting individuals and families. Ever since its premiere in 2010, RiverRocks provides a two-week festival dedicated to providing the outstanding outdoor beauty of Chattanooga and the invaluable inspiration individuals have to gain here in the scenic city of the south. During the two-week event, participants are encouraged to integrate themselves into the local amenities and friendly Chattanoogan’s excited to share in the pleasure of their daily life athletic opportunities.

Chattanooga Oktoberfest

– It’s safe to say that most Chattanooga locals know of the annual Chattanooga Market every Saturday and Sunday throughout the Spring-Fall seasons. A major and incredibly popular attraction during the weeks of the Market’s schedule is Chattanooga’s oldest and largest Oktoberfest celebration. This festival, hosted by the Chattanooga Market beginning with Aroberfest Thursday October 13th, begins the weekend festival that draws crowds locally and regionally for not only its already weekly vendors, but specifically for the featured Oktoberfest based activities, event, and products.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this family friendly event featuring sights, smells and sounds of the German tradition. The market features these vendors and locals bringing their families German traditions for a day of entertainment, shopping, and live musical performances. The festival includes Oktoberfest traditions such as brats and other German inspired foods, bier gartens, over almost 100 local and season craft brews, and the infamous Wurstbrats Oompah Band, among others. Be sure to bring the whole family or go an adventure of your own at this Chattanooga unique Oktoberfest celebration!

Head of the Hooch

– This nationally renowned event held in Chattanooga during the first Saturday and Sunday of November each year is literally one of the world’s largest rowing regattas in the nation with over two thousand boats and nine thousand seats rowed alone on the first day. The event not only brings in national rowers, its brought participants from Canada, Germany and Australia. The event has also brought over 15,000 spectators alone since 2005 not to mention participants of the Head Of The Hooch. This event has been recognized by nationally distributed magazines promoting this must attend regatta’s.

The race is a head race where competitors row a 3.1 mile course ending at Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga’s downtown district on the Tennessee River, sponsored by the Atlanta Rowing Club. The Hooch is unique in that it specifically attracts a diverse spectrum of people, from athletes, family, alumni, local residents to competitors from around the nation and international as well. As always and genuinely Chattanooga specific in appeal, the Hooch’s history decades long history has grown continue to attract individuals not only for the competitive rowing regatta in the nation, its provides the unique and quality services, foods and accommodations the city is proud to incorporate with event’s like these because of the excellence and quality behind the real heroes of what makes the scenic city and ideal Fall flavored event destination for all people.

These listed Fall events in Chattanooga this year are just a handful of the many other activities, concerts, and important events happening all the time each season here in Chattanooga. Don’t forget to check out these and other happenings in Chattanooga this Fall! Our Business Concierge staff are happy to offer our unbiased information about fun stuff to do in Chattanooga, TN. We want you to enjoy all our city has to offer.