3 Job Hunting Must Do’s

We are constantly networking with business people and determined there are three simple job hunting “must do’s.” You have the opportunity to make connections with employed and unemployed people when you’re networking. It’s great to always be prepared with contact information so people can reach out to you. You never know who you might meet, who they know, and what kinds of opportunities are out there.

We recommend the following for people looking for a new job:

  • Create a business card so people can easily contact you with your email, phone number and a mailing address. There are lots of “free” or inexpensive resources. Unless you want something really exceptional, you can get several business cards for less than $20.00.
  • Network with business people, family and friends so people get to know you’re looking for a new position. Get out there! Practice your, “Hello, my name is and this is what I’m seeking.” You might also try, “Hello, my name is and this is how I would like to make a difference.”
  • Volunteer to serve. Use the skills you would use in your career to volunteer. It will make a difference for a cause you’re interested in and will give you “real world” experience you can put on your resume.

If you’re not sure what you “really want,” it’s time to focus and clarify. Sometimes it takes considering what you don’t want, so you can clearly describe what you do want. This experience is like looking at the negative space of an image so the positive image comes into focus.

This can be as simple as creating two lists.

  • One column of your list is: I love this about what I do.
  • The second column of your list is: I don’t like this about what I do.

The most helpful book to focus on what you “really want” is What Color is my Parachute. There are all kinds of tips for networking and job fact finding. Here’s a link to the website: http://www.jobhuntersbible.com/.

The Concierge Office Suites offers a monthly event, Idea Factory, Jelly! Chattanooga. This free event offers the opportunity to learn more “how to’s” of social media and network with other business professionals. Get active in your job hunting in person and on social media. Hope these tips help speed you toward your next connection and career clarity.