3 Must Have’s for Your Linkedin Profile

Don’t miss out on a business connection because you don’t have these three Linkedin “must have’s”!

For those of us who are serious about converting interactions from digital to reality, we want a way to reach out to you in person. The point of all social media is to be social and make connections. If users face road blocks to reach out or research information that is normally shared with the business public, we may move on to the next contact and not be bothered by the fact someone left off the viewer’s perceived convenient way to interact. Business life is hectic enough without struggling to make a new connection that might make good business sense for us. The old, keep it simple sweetie, motto comes to mind.

woman working on a laptop


Here are a few “must have’s” for your Linkedin profile:

 #1 Your headshots

There are 200+ million of members of Linkedin.com as of 2013.  WOW!

This means it’s highly likely there might be two people with similar names listed. The added confusion is it’s possible to remember a portion of a person’s name and can’t remember what someone might look like. People may want to connect with a person at a networking event and need to see their face to remember who they are.

A profile is all about you, it is just for business in Linkedin. We highly recommend not to put a pet, children, or business logo where your smiling face should be on your profile. Please, oh please, post a picture of just your smiling face on your profile. We might want to do business.

#2 Make it easy to connect

The whole point to having a profile on Linkedin is to create a business transaction.  Don’t make it difficult to be reached.

Include all of your important contact information, especially a phone number, in case someone actually wanted to purchase your product or service upon viewing your profile. If there’s a way to reach you, please put in that business contact information.

#3 A chance to shine

This is where your experience can shine. You don’t have to write a book in your career summary. The point of this section is to share who you “really are.” This is the quick glance of your career experience. Tell why it might be a great idea to connect. Do some name dropping and highlight some career accomplishments in your background summary section.

These three must have’s in a Linkedin profile could make the difference. These simple things could increase your earning potential and definitely your referral potential. Tips like these and many more happen every day at The Concierge Office Suites. Cheering for you to make sure these three tips are in place for your Linkedin profile.
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