Work! I Need to Focus!

Some days it feels like you’re in a stadium, the fourth quarter, and the last minute on the clock. If you’re like I am, you already have a cacophony of voices in your head resonating about the task you’re trying to accomplish. You are not alone in the search for focus. Your contributors to the […]

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5 Surprising Things That Can Contribute to Business Success

5 Surprising Things That Can Contribute to Business Success June 42019 Written by Denise Reed in Self-Improvement for EntrepreneursPerhaps you’ve never actually asked Siri or another digital assistant how to become successful, but you’ve definitely looked for the answer online.There are a lot of resources out there on how to improve your business, tips on […]

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#CHAnge You Ready for it?

Change is consistent. It’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter the season. Whether you’re ready or not, change is going to come. Are you ready? What plans have you made? Be ready for your plans to be altered! The evolved entrepreneur has survived beyond start up and is well acquainted with change. To stay the […]

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