10 Best Instagram Practices For Your Business

Our Idea Factory, Jelly! Chattanooga event highlights cover Instagram and other digital image fun! We cover all kinds of entrepreneurial conversations at these events. Instagram is all about the image, be it photo or video. Check out this social media platform especially if you’re a lifestyle brand or an image would help promote what you’re doing. We […]

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Chattanooga’s Just Desserts!

What about dessert?! Chattanooga has an up and coming foodie scene. For travelers or newbies to Chattanooga, local food experiences have been covered by Fodors and Conde Nast Traveler along with many other foodie blogs. Our business concierge team thought we should share our top Chattanooga desserts. We’ve heard all about great drinks, fabulous local […]

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I hate managing my office space!

Do you ever feel like throwing a grown up temper tantrum when it comes to managing your office space? Are you not sure whether to scream into the phone or pound on your keyboard to get things repaired? Do you have five or more vendors with multiple contacts you call related to keeping everything functioning […]

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