Chattanooga’s Best Places to Eat Outside

The best places in Chattanooga to eat outside and enjoy the fall weather!

the-boathouseThe Boat House

The Boat House has a large, open patio that overlooks the majestic Tennessee river. They also have a really neat way to drink wine! It’s called SIPS and you pay for a wine card and get to try 16 different wines on tap! So, go enjoy wine and fall weather for some riverfront dining you likely won’t forget! This awesome space is cooled with misters in the summer and warmed in the winter months. Experience the ahhhhh in Ch(ahhhhhh)ttanooga.


This photo of The Terminal Brewhouse is courtesy of TripAdvisor


The Terminal

The Terminal Brewhouse has an upstairs patio that is adorned with vines and gorgeous plants. This patio is a great place for a large group to get together and enjoy some sunshine before winter sets in! Don’t forget their fresh, homemade brews as you bask in the sun!




The Blue PlateThe Blue Plate

The Blue Plate is right across the street from the Tennessee Aquarium on Chestnut St. with views of the Tennessee River and Ross’s Landing. This metropolitan diner has a fun atmosphere and is in walking distance from all of Chattanooga’s major attractions. Go relax on the patio after a fun day in the city!



The Flying SquirrelThe Flying Squirrel

Named one of the best designed bars in the nation, The Flying Squirrel is a hip spot in Chattanooga. The patio is fun, vibrant and a great place to enjoy the cool, fall weather. Their cocktails and beers are always rotating for a fresh menu.





Alleia is a rustic, Italian restaurant located on Main St. Their covered patio decorated with string lights, artwork and luscious vines is impressive. Not to mention, their food is downright fabulous! Alleia’s menu changes occasionally as it is built around local and seasonal produce. They also have free valet parking! Treat yourself!




Brewhaus is Chattanooga’s only German-American gastro pub. Located on the North Shore, their trendy patio looks over the Walnut Street Bridge with stellar views of Lookout Mountain. Go enjoy some real German food and drink after a stroll in Coolidge Park!


The Pickel BarrelThe Pickle Barrel

The Pickle Barrel is famous for its odd shape and its fried pickles. The patio is on the second floor, close to the trees. It’s a unique patio with lots of fun to be had! The Pickle Barrel specializes in juicy burgers and enormous sandwiches. It’s a block from the Chattanooga Public Library and the Federal Courthouse. Find your way up there!


Universal JointUniversal Joint

Located in the old Farrow’s Service Station at the corner of Vine Street and Georgia Avenue, Universal Joint is another unique restaurant in Chattanooga. This place has a substantial, open patio and is another popular place to hang out. They serve everything from burgers to fish tacos.