Chattanooga’s Just Desserts!

What about dessert?! Chattanooga has an up and coming foodie scene. For travelers or newbies to Chattanooga, local food experiences have been covered by Fodors and Conde Nast Traveler along with many other foodie blogs. Our business concierge team thought we should share our top Chattanooga desserts. We’ve heard all about great drinks, fabulous local sourced main courses, but how about dessert? We know every adult at some point is counting calories. Every once and a while we all want to stop “adulting,” throw caution to the wind and chow down on something sweet!

Check out some of our sweet-tooth location headliners:


If you love Tirimasu, you must try Alleia’s scrumptious fluff of light coffee pastry amazingness. Their Gelato is a feast of creamy frozen goodness. Stroll along Main Street for a walk or conveniently use Alleia’s valet parking.


City Café

They have amazing seven layer specialty cakes and pies. From cakes with Snickers and Reese’s to Oreo and Turtle pies. There are lots of flavors to choose from this award winning dinner! The best part is City Café is just a block away from The Concierge Office Suites.



Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

Looking for a hand-made variety of ice creams? Clumpies has it! There are 18+ hand crafted micro-batch flavors. You can visit their store front for a quick grab-and-go scoop while you walk through Coolidge Park or along Frazier Avenue on Chattanooga’s Northshore.


Rembrandt’s Coffee House

European café right in the middle of the Bluff View Art District with on-site coffee roasting and brewing. Fresh baked goods abound with gluten free items. A vast array of hand-made pastries, specialty chocolates and cakes.



The Hot Chocolatier

Need a chocolate fix after your tour of the Chattanooga Choo Choo? Truffles and bons bons, oh my! This is just the beginning of the many amazing chocolate flavors: raspberry, champagne, chocolate souffle, peanut butter, Chattanooga Whiskey, caramel and so much more seasonal deliciousness. This Chattanooga “Willy Wonka” chocolate extravaganza is locally owned with a viewing window!


We highly recommend dessert first when you have these amazing choices! Life is short, spend it doing what you love and with people that bring joy. We hope you’ll find something to celebrate. Do it with dessert first! Our clients get spoiled regularly with these business concierge life hacks for finding the perfect Chattanooga, TN experience. Bon appetite from The Concierge Office Suites.