Corona Virus and A Full Service Office, Please!

Wow, wow, wow! It's like the world has turned upside down and we're still holding on here to spite the CoronaVirus. As of today, The Concierge Office Suites remains open to serve our clients. Among the businesses we serve, one of our clients offers call center support for homebound customers with medical supplies. Many of our clients are able to work from home and several have chosen to work from home to reduce the opportunity of exposure to the Corona Virus or COVID-19.

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These are the steps we are taking to remain open in the public areas our full-service executive suite for our clients:

  • Our staff have taken precautions to consistently and several times a day wipe down high use areas with recommended disinfecting solution(s).
  • We are also using Lysol spray to disinfect depending on the surface.
  • Even before this virus, we have stationed hand sanitizer in our lobby and now our private break room. We've kept tissues at our staffed lobby desk, too.
  • Our staff and clients are practicing social distancing. Our spacious private offices allow for this practice within our full-service executive suite.
  • We are not permitting concentrated gatherings for 10 or more people in our full-service office meeting spaces.
  • As of Tuesday, March 24, our staffed lobby is propping open our lobby door on the sixth floor during office hours. Our main office door has a lever latch. This will keep us all from touching the doorknob repeatedly during office hours.
  • The recommended safe hand washing guidelines are posted in our public restroom(s), too.

Have you thought about cleaning these items you use everyday. We recommend wiping down these items with virus/germ killing cleaners:

  • Your cell phone needs this daily, especially if you’re using it while in the bathroom.
  • What about light switches?
  • What about the television and other remotes?

Check out “The Dirty Truth Survey Report.” This report is crammed full of stuff the average American may not think about keeping on their cleaning schedule to reduce exposure to more than just the CoronaVirus. I was grossing myself out once I realized how exposed we are with just these three items: our cell phone, light switches, and remote controls.

We have been sharing local CoronaVirus announcements from our County and City Mayors on our social media platforms and local groups online. We want people to be informed both professionally and personally. Information is power. It’s the power to know what your choices are and how to react strategically.

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Many businesses are laying off staff and closing their businesses, hopefully only on a temporary basis. The incredible thing is how many businesses are able to shift how they operate and continue to serve their customers. Small business is local business, hiring local people to provide local products and services. We are thrilled by how many restaurants are able to offer curbside pickup or delivery. Check out how several other businesses in the Chattanooga Business Improvement District are adapting:

  • One local woman-owned business EleaBlake Cosmetic Studio is offering all kinds of great perks to entice customers to shop and lots of video tips on their Facebook Page and Blog.
  • We also have a gallery of local artists, Area 61 Gallery. This local small business opted to temporarily close their doors to reduce the spread of the CoronaVirus. They will be posting virtual tours of their gallery so you can see what’s available and shipping art, too.
  • There is an intimate, art-house local theatre; Palace Theatre. They are going to stream some of their performances on Facebook, so people can experience their performers. There are several theatres around the city that are closed and offering no performances of any kind.
  • I know a local musician, Rick Rushing III, that opted to create Facebook Live performances. Rick says he’s going to offer a Blues Jam and take requests from the viewers! He’s offering Venmo payments to support live music through this outbreak of Covid-19! This is really exciting. He’s an awesome performer. Just think about all the concerts that have been cancelled around the country.

Over and over again through this horrible CoronaVirus outbreak, we are hearing stories about how local people and businesses are innovating to serve their customers. There is not one thing easy about any of this shift in business. Video in all it’s formats and platforms is helping us rise and promote our businesses, services and products. Look at the local businesses we shared here and how they are using video. Consider how using video in your business could become a real change agent.

I have a whole new way to look at business because of this virus. If you’re considering going into business for yourself, this Corona Virus outbreak has created a whole new business impact. We haven’t had to think about this science fiction possibility that’s come to life through the Corona Virus
- until now. How could you EVER plan to experience this in your business? Here are some things we’ve learned:

  • Don’t react without the facts. This means facts from government agencies all of them: Federal, State, County and City. A meme or video clip you saw on social media does not count as a fact you can base a business decision on effectively. Verify your information source's accuracy and experience with the topic before you take a decisive action.
  • Remember your employees are struggling, too. Compassion is key as you make difficult decisions like layoffs and business closings. People are more than a line item in your chart of accounts. They may have answers you haven’t considered because they’ve had different lives than you.
  • Don’t jump the gun! Operating in fear is no way to operate your business. Create a plan and keep your team and clients informed along the way.
  • Be flexible! Consider all the ways you could accomplish a task. There may be opportunities you never considered. Talk to others in business. Ask how they are handling common struggles.
  • Look for opportunities! Opportunities are all around us. There are opportunities to learn a new skill. Meet new people. You could have the combination of learning a new skill and meeting new people at the same time. Make a positive difference for someone else with your opportunity. People will remember your kindness.
  • Offer options! These options could be for your team or your customers. We offer the option to continue working if we follow government guidelines. We offer flexibility for our clients as they scale up or down in their businesses from meeting space by the hour, to virtual office positioning or private office rental. Our clients have the same great business location no matter their budgeting needs. 

We hope what we know from authories in their field, what Chattanooga local business owners are doing and things we’ve learned during this crisis makes you a better business person. Stay safe out there! We are sending you good health wishes. Let us know if we can be of service. We're here to help your business survive no matter the economic climate.

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