Five Reasons Not to Work From Home or Coffee Shop

Five reasons, is one reason a part of your business life? Here are our five reasons not to work from home or a coffee shop:

espresso machine1. Distractions

At home, piles of laundry and dishes in the sink will stare you down. Or if your kids are home, there’s sure to be noise and bustle. Working from home also blurs the lines between relaxation and actual work.

At coffee shops, hipsters mingle, customers are in and out, and that frappe blender is a blendin. It can be hard to concentrate, have phone conversations, or meet with clients in spaces that aren’t separate from life’s daily excitement. Have you also noticed that Wi-Fi at coffee shops is slow or cuts you off right in the middle of that important “something”?

2. Unprofessional meeting space

Having a professional and clean meeting space is important not only to accomplish business related tasks, but also to impress your clients or colleagues. They’re more likely to take you seriously, make a deal, or partake in future services from you if you give them uninterrupted attention in a professional space.

Hope your business topics don’t include financial information or legal issues. You never know who might be sitting next to you in a public place.

3. Lack of motivation

breakfast in bedYou’re more likely to be motivated to get some serious work done in a private office where your bed is far, far away. If you work from a home office, it’s easy to lounge in bed for a while in your pj’s and catch up on a good book or TV show. A space where your brain knows it’s time to get to work and really think in a productive environment.

4. Lack of personal interaction

Having face-to-face time with colleagues or clients is something that’s disappearing in this technology savvy world. It’s easy to take a shower, put on a nice shirt, and Skype with someone in your kitchen. Or, you can email back and forth and use a Slack channel. However, neither of these channels of communication are the same as establishing real face to face time. Establishing rapport with someone is an important factor in your business relationship and creates trust, while also giving you a better understanding of what the client wants/needs.

5. Expose your personal address

When your client asks you where you’re located or where they can send you important documents in the mail, it’s not so cool to give them your home address. It makes you look like an amateur. They could also be a wacko and not need to know where you live. Plug in your business address to Zillow and see what comes up. Having a business address, especially a prestigious one, gives your business some credibility as well as adding security to your mail. Next, as mentioned above, it’s not very professional having a client meet you at home. Business contacts could feel extremely uncomfortable in such a personal environment or make you feel that way. Inspire confidence from your clients and in your business by investing in virtual office services and a nice, professional space to hold a meeting.

The Concierge Office Suites can help overcome this list of five. Contact us. We’re here to help with meeting space, virtual office positioning and private office rental.