How a Business Concierge Will Make You Successful

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities that you have to take care of every single day. From the time you get up (too early) and go to bed (too late), you are bombarded with phone calls, emails, and frequent demands on your time.

One of the first things to suffer is your administrative tasks. You know the ones I’m talking about – filing, copying, organizing, notating, research, and all the necessary, but redundant tasks that you must do to keep your business running. The good news is you can bring in a virtual assistant to support you and make things easier. Let me show you and women in business attire


What Tasks Can I Assign to a Virtual Assistant?

#1 Document Management

To spite the claims of many, we have not achieved a paperless world. Sometimes having a printed handout makes a conversation easier. Consider having a virtual assistant help you assemble your printed meeting presentations. Maybe you need help with receipt or business card scanning? Think about how to free up your time and delegate document management related tasks.

#2 Prepare Presentations

Many times, when you meet clients or customers, it is necessary to have a presentation ready to show exactly what your business has to offer that meets that client’s needs. Having a well organized and branded presentation that is understandable to someone who may know nothing about your business is vital. If this is not your strong suit have a VA create it for you. It could greatly benefit your marketing potential.

#3 Online Research

In every business there is research to be done and it can be very time consuming. Whether it is to check out the competition, research ways to improve your business, build a library of meaningful marketing content, look for public relations opportunities, explore events that would help you meet your ideal client, or find ways to improve your products or services, this all can be done by utilizing a VA who can weed through the numerous websites and pull only the information useful to you.

#4 Data Entry

This is usually an easy task to let fall by the wayside when you have stretched your schedule to the max. Unfortunately, this is an intrical part of your business that needs to be kept up to date to ensure customers and clients are being taken care of. A VA can keep your files and spreadsheets up to date so you can stay caught up.

#5 Research Business Leads

In all businesses you will need leads to new customers, a steady chain of suppliers, and marketing opportunities. This is something else that can be very time consuming because it requires a lot of weeding through useless information. By implementing a VA into your business, leads can be narrowed down to the most promising candidates without you having to spend hours hunting them down.

#6 Manage Your Company Website and Blog

Most consumers no longer use the “Yellow Pages” or dial the operator to find a good or service they desire. They get online and search websites. Maintaining an organized, informative website that showcases your business and what you have to offer is imperative. Having someone who can keep your website up to date can be one of your best marketing tools. Also, having a blog included on your site that is current and informs potential customers about how your services can fit into their daily lives will increase new traffic to your site and bring back repeat viewers.

#7 Manage Social Media Accounts

Having business social media pages is a huge plus in many aspects. It’s a means of free or low cost marketing, a way to present your products and services to new customers and clients all over the world, and it is a convenient method of communicating. Having a VA to manage these accounts is almost necessary to be able to keep followers informed about what is going on with your business. Replying to comments, responding to reviews, and answering questions are ways consumers know that you care about them and want to earn and keep their business.

Find the Right People

#1 Do I want to go through Virtual Assistant company?

When you decide to look for a virtual assistant. one of the choices you will be faced with is “do I want to go through a company to hire my VA or do I want to try and find one myself?” There are pros and cons to both sides. The best thing to do before diving into a decision, one way or another, is sit down and figure out what will work best for you. If you don’t want to risk wasting time on someone who is unqualified or unreliable then hiring a company to find your VA may be your best option. However, if you have the time to train someone who may be more within your budget, hiring your own may be more suited to your needs. However, be prepared to go through more than one applicant to find someone with the experience and dependability you need.

#2 What is the level of experience needed?

No matter who you hire, experience with the task is going to be a huge asset. This person may not be in the forefront of your business but their work symbolizes your business, the quality of their work can be an asset or one headache after another. Having past experience in the areas you need help is imperative. If you need someone to maintain your website and data entry, hiring a person who has only done filing is not going to be beneficial.

#3 Dependability

This is another plus to hiring a VA through a company that specializes in the virtual world of work. They have done all of the “leg work”, so to speak. As a business owner you will have to find someone who is qualified, ambitious, and reliable. You don’t want to train five people to do one job. A company, such as The Concierge Office Suites has done all of the background work for you to ensure your Business Concierge will meet your project or service objectives.

If you want a team you can meet and find out about the services that would benefit you and your business, give us a call. We work with your goals in mind. We’re a “just in time” service. We’re not clock punchers on your payroll. We keep our clients informed along the process. We love to help with repeating processes that periodically happen. We want to understand your business goals and branding so we can more effectively serve our clients. You don’t have to work alone! We also love to give referrals to resources we know about that help our clients. We offer Business Concierge support and refer virtual staff services right here in Downtown Chattanooga.