How Might We Move Forward?

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How might we move forward? This is a great question to start the New Year! We hope you’ve spent some time planning the next 365 days. Business has shifted to a much faster pace. It’s almost become crazy to look at five and 10-year plans because something radical can change tomorrow. In fact, I’ve become obsessed with looking at all the different planners there are. It seems to be a productivity hack to now just look at the next 90-days! If you can make it through the next 90-days, here’s a process so you can start the next 13-week process again.

Since working in Corporate Quality Engineering at Shaw Industries almost a lifetime ago, my awareness has been raised regarding continuous quality improvement. I’ve always been a driven person to perpetually make things better even before working with a group of quality engineers. I’m not an engineer, so I had to dumb down the concepts for myself and ask a ton of questions. I thought it would be helpful if I shared my six questions I’ve developed to keep me moving forward towards a better experience.

Six Questions to Ask

  1. Why are we…
  2. What if we…
  3. How can we…
  4. Review why did we…
  5. Can we make it better?
  6. REPEAT!

Everyone loves to know a secret. Here are the secrets we’ve found:

We’re cheering for you to be successful! We realize if you can focus on what’s important to your life’s improvement you will forever be changed for the better. We get it! We’re always looking for ways to make things better and support busy business professionals. It’s important the environment where you work is positive, helpful and productive.

Dr. Jim Taylor

Dr. Jim Taylor

" Focus is the gateway to business success"

Dr. Taylor says your workspace is an important contributor to your success. You want to have the tools and resources there that serve you and your goals. Do you? Are you meeting people in your workspace that want you to be successful? Are there just-in-time resources that create a ready-to-go office space? Just think about the impact of a positive work environment and how it would change you.