How to Promote Your Event & Grow Your Business

Events can be a great way to get your name out there and meet potential clients in a helpful, and positive atmosphere.  But the struggle for most business owners is getting people to show up.  So let’s take a look at some free or cheap ways to promote your event so you can grow your business!

laptop with a calendar and a planting list

#1 Develop a Press Release

If your event is large enough to warrant some notice from the press, then consider publishing a press release.  They are an extremely effective way of getting the word out about your event.  If you are trying to figure out how to format it, then hop on over to Wiki-How to get a tutorial and some sample press releases you can use as guidelines:

#2 Submit it to lets you submit your event for free!  You can post event details, such as: title, description, categories, location, ticket information, start and end date/time, social media event links, link to where they can buy tickets, and even add photos.  You can head over to to submit your event for approval and publication.

#3 Promote your event for free on Yelp

Yelp lets you publish local events for free on their business directory too!  You can chek out the ones happening in Chattanooga by visiting:  Then to submit your own event, just click on the big red “Add an Event” button on that page.  It will take you to a login/sign-up screen before you can submit your event, but it’s pretty simple to do.

#4 Get Social with your Event!

Social media can be a great way to promote your event.  You can create event pages for free, post information, etc.  The biggest advantage on social media is the conversation is two-way.  You can post out information, and viewers can quickly and easily reach back out to you with questions.  They can also share the event easily with friends and family, or tag people that might enjoy going.  So be sure to hit up the big three – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – to get the word out.

#5 Promote AND Manage with Eventbrite


Eventbrite is a fantastic tool to help you promote and manage your event.  You can put all of your information in when you create a new event.  It will be promoted to Eventbrite’s network as well as making it super easy to integrate with Facebook and even use the event link to promote it elsewhere.  They help you with selling tickets, and even scanning sold ticket stubs at the door to confirm that people paid with the handle mobile app.  Head over to to find out more.

#6 Snail Mail a personalized invite with SendOut Cards

SendOut Cards is our go-to service when we want a more personal touch to invite our guests.  For a low monthly subscription, you can easily create and send customized greeting cards or postcards to your invitees from your computer.   You can head over to to find out more.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and will have a super awesome event that helps you grow your business!  For more awesome ideas like this one, stop by our own Idea Factory, Jelly! Chattanooga event that we host each month right here at The Concierge Office Suites.  You can network with other business owners and get valuable tips and advice from other people like you that are trying to grow.  Head over to our events page to find out when the next one is: