Virtual Assistant in Chattanooga, TN

Elevate your business efficiency with a virtual assistant in Chattanooga, TN, provided by our business concierge services. Whether you need administrative support, appointment scheduling, or task management, our virtual solutions are designed to streamline your operations. 

The Concierge Office Suites offers business concierge support virtually as your staff in our full-service office space. Our clients realize and experience the value of our support staff's services on a regular basis as we graciously greet guests in our lobby during our traditional office hours. Our staff is here to assist in the growth of your business and address needs as they arise in whatever capacity you may need assistance: administrative support, project coordination, event planning, research, local business recommendations, and more. Consider our staff your business concierge support team, providing personalized professional service. Our clients are not alone when they do business with us because we are their business concierge. Contact us now to explore the benefits of this modern approach to business support.

There are significant benefits and resources just a request away. Our business concierge staff is better than a temporary agency because we offer ongoing business relationships and years of professional experience in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We screen our staff for professionalism and experience. We assist with the management of client projects and service requests so clients don't have to worry if their deadlines or specifications are met. 

Our staff accepts service requests on an ongoing basis without clients worrying about employee benefits, office space, sick days, and more. As a client, you only pay for service hours used and materials related to your projects. Just explain your desired project results, and we'll provide updates the next time you need our assistance. No more worries about providing computers, printers, color copiers, scanners, fax machines, or postage services for our staff. We'll even provide a detailed project summary to follow the project's "play-by-play" details if requested. Just put us to work. 

Business Concierge

One who cares for your business success, your guests, your office space providing help and information offering you freedom to focus on what makes you money!

The Concierge Office Suites have full-time business concierge support and sustaining staff that works with us on a contract basis. There are all types of staff with various specialized skills that work with us. If you have a need, ask us to help. We thought you might like the career summaries of some of our business concierge staff. For more career details, click through to our individual profiles: 

Denise Reed a virtual assistant in Chattanooga, TN

Denise Reed, Chief Business Connector, comes with 20+ years of business experience, a bachelor's degree in business, and an associate degree in advertising. She uses a combination of education and experience to manage projects, staff, contractors, and resources to meet client needs. She thrives on bringing together the right people with the best skills to improve processes and the "bottom line." If she doesn't know the answer, she knows where to find it or who to call for it, especially here in Chattanooga, TN. She's a native Chattanoogagan, born and raised. She has traveled to the U.S., Mexico, and Europe, fueling her desire to learn and extend hospitality. She has worked with all types of clients, including Chattanooga Coca-Cola, T.V.A., Shaw Industries, Inc., AstraZeneca, the Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitor Bureau, and more, on all kinds of projects. She has substantial experience combining management, project coordination, advertising, and computer skills. She's a serious advocate for entrepreneurs and women in business. She's a passionate public speaker and coach for social media users. 

It is a source of pride to announce that in May 2021, Reed will achieve membership with the National Concierge Association. Her life's work of serving others effectively with meaning-filled referrals and resources has been recognized. She takes being the "keeper of the keys" seriously. She locks away as many invasions of your personal and business lives as possible. She helps you separate your personal and business lives so you can live them both to the max.

Catherine Melissa a virtual assistant in Chattanooga, TN

Catherine Melissa is a conceptual theorist using analysis and logical reasoning to capture something real with the mind and develop a new idea with every heartbeat, a Southern smile, and an attitude that is worth catching.

All things business development, networking, and connecting are her forte, along with a passion for leading the community and a determined desire to revolutionize the beauty industry.

She is an artist, brand ambassador, community advocate, and educator. She helps others find their true dreams and coaches them on how to overcome the obstacles life throws their way on a daily basis. She loves to hear and share perspectives!

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