Stop Vlogging from Your Couch & Get Professional on a Budget

Have you ever watched a video blog, known as a vlog, and thought to yourself, “Is that their bed spread being used as a backdrop?” or “Oh, what a cute puppy they have!” Fido is running around and plays with a pair of underwear in the background of a video.

It’s distracting! You spend more time thinking about the dozens of things going on in the background than you do actually paying attention to the video message and what they are trying to get across. You can do better with these tips and make your video blog a success:

Woman recording a blog video


Making a vlog can be a fun and creative way to get your ideas out there. However, this can be counterproductive if the viewer is paying more attention to your surroundings than they are to what you are trying to promote in your video.

The point is, highlight what your ideas are and how they can be beneficial to the person watching your vlog. People often get distracted by random objects, moving objects, noises and things around you, so having a space that is free of clutter is an important key to having a successful vlog.

If finding a space in your home is difficult, because there are constant interruptions or you just aren’t sure how to create that eye catching, yet muted background, renting a space for a couple of hours a week can be an inexpensive alternative. This can also help you as you vlog because you are not distracted by the constant activity that we have in our lives.


Having adequate lighting in your vlogging space is crucial. It is very difficult to watch a video when the background or the person often appears poorly lit, or faces appear yellow.

You don’t have to invest in an expensive lighting kit to have great video quality. Whenever possible try and use natural light. Recording next to windows or glass doors can provide you with great lighting, if harsh or direct bright light is not behind you. If you are recording in an area where natural light may not be an option, arrange lights so you have lighting coming from all sides, including dimmer, soft light behind you. This will make your vlog brighter. Because the viewer can see you, they are more likely to watch more.

Be Yourself

All too often, especially when we enter into a professional environment, we have a tendency to put on our “business face.” This is great for interviews, but when you make a marketing video and want to draw people in, it is better to have a friendly approach.

Most of us have seen those marketing and training videos from the 80’s that show everyone with pristine posture and fake smiles plastered on their face. And, usually that is all we remember of the video. You don’t want people to reference your vlog as “an 80’s training video.”

You want your viewers to know what your company is about and approach your vlog with an “at ease” attitude. You want to show that you know what you are talking about, you are approachable, willing to answer questions and address concerns.

Stay on Point

Try and avoid long winded speeches on information. It really is not engaging to your viewer. Consider using a story highlighting benefits of using your service or product. You may even share a customer testimonial. Having long periods of impertinent information can lose a viewer. A story will help you remember your talking points and your viewer remember who you are.

Use a script when you are making your vlog. It doesn’t have to be a word-for-word dialog of everything you want to say, but just a brief outline of the things you would like to cover in your vlog. Try sticking to one main topic that has a few “branch” details and wrap up with a short summary. By having it laid out in front of you it is easier to stay on topic.

Engage Your Viewers

Once you have established what your topic is and all you have to offer, ask a question and see what kind of responses you get.

For example, if you are making a vlog on marketing outlets, ask your viewers what marketing tools they use to promote themselves and their businesses. This is a great way to engage viewers, earn repeat viewers and a great way to increase traffic to your vlog because you are listening to what your viewers want to see.

Rent Our Space

Some of these vlogging tips may seem a little overwhelming. You may ask yourself, “Where am I going to set up a place to vlog? I constantly have pets and children running around,” or “How am I ever going to figure out the best lighting?” The Concierge Office Suites has a vlogging office set up, ready to go when you decide to make your business video blog. We offer a vlogging office specifically for making the most of your video marketing budget without the costs of a video studio. Bring your business expertise, video equipment or smart phone. We have the space.