The Best Video Marketing Strategy Tips

This year in digital marketing campaign strategies marks an unprecedented love and success of video marketing on multiple media outlets. The industry success so far in 2017 embraces and creatively utilizes video marketing. Increasing video marketing investments also demonstrate the current statistical data available. What was deemed “up-and-coming” is video-based technology. Video marketing is hailed a fruitful marketing strategy.

Here are the top five reasons and examples of why you should utilize video marketing in your upcoming advertising investments:


Be Real and Focus on Story

The most successful marketing videos that stand out in success rates are ones that potential consumers find unique, funny, or visually interesting within the first few seconds of the video. People online or on their smart mobile devices are so used to being bombarded with video ads that catch their interest in the first few seconds is key. The marketing statistics of 2017 thus far trend positively towards a 60% increase in all consumer usage and traffic leading to video ads. Those are the real results thus far, so be real!

Be yourself

Be yourself, be unique and be personal with your video marketing application for your business. Don’t forget the power of compelling copy still applies even more avidly for video marketing campaign success. For example, American Greetings: World’s Toughest Job video campaign stood out this year for its hilariously relatable immediate scene of an online video interview and the related stressfulness this form of interviewing could go nightmarishly wrong in contemporary and heavily industry based real-life situational humor; it’s a no brainer. But regardless of your business, making the most of an entertaining video series can result in pricelessly positive response, engagement and sharing results in establishing your credibility in your industry.

Regardless of your budget, remember to keep it concentrated on the value you promised to provide your customers in your overall message. Create a story for your customers to fall in love with and share with their friends.

Let Go! Be Creative! Be Funny, Edgy…You Do You!

I’ve seen, laughed, and shared a funny video with my coworkers on a random Wednesday morning that’s brightened our day, or had a coworker share with me in the same way. What a great relief from the dull 9-5 work week, especially on hump day. When it comes to video marketing, did you know that statistics show 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers and that 51.9% of international marketing professionals dub video as the best content for freedom of information? Yeah! Believe it or not, the rise of video marketing strategies has just begun. For your business, do yourself a favor and consider working with a videographer on a video campaign.

If you do decide to pursue a video marketing idea, beware of the number one downfall of hesitating or holding back on any kind of ideas or video content proposed. Being different and funny is fundamental, and if you or anyone at your business hesitates, much is lost. Find someone – a videographer is usually a creative person to a degree that would have suggestions – and keep an open mind. You want to find that level of innovative, yet rebelliously gold content in your video marketing because you’ll stand out amongst competitors.

Prove Yourself By Using SEO For People To Find Your Videos

We’ve established the fact that telling a story and being funny are crucial for successful video content. A finalizing aspect of video marketing that’s vital for success is tagging your video with the right keywords in so that the powers of the internet will help more potential customers in need of services or products find you.

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and its use is taking tags or keywords intentionally selected that relate to your video. One of the first ways to do this is by embedding it to your website’s domain first and foremost, before posting on any other platform. This helps to increase inbound marketing results. Thanks to the powers of Google, they created a handy document on how to effectively host and create a video site map for your website quite easily.

When it comes to SEO elsewhere, well written descriptions are a must. This includes every single dialogue box provided when hosting your video to be filled with accurately descriptive content so that it’s easily found on the internet. Transcripts of the the video content can help drive traffic to you, also. For example, if you made a funny or cute pet video to post, adding as many relevant keywords in the description and hashtag boxes will increase the ranking and reach with audiences. Keywords such as, “pet” “pets” “funny” “animals” “cute,” are all perfect and good examples of the words you should include when tagging your content. Remember to keep the description and SEO words coherent to the video’s story and purpose. Be true to the video content, but also try unique titles or hashtags to heighten the video’s success.

But wait! That’s just the beginning, and if you’re not comfortable with or have the time to set this up yourself, find an expert. Regardless of how amazing, creative, funny, or edgy your video marketing content, it’s success relies heavily on being formatted, embedded, described and tagged appropriately. The future of video marketing is not only high in popularity, it’s becoming the forefront of successful digital marketing strategies now and in the future.