Top 10 Things To Do While Quarantined

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We think our top 10 things to do while quarantined should be fun and relaxing. Why not? Staying at home should be on your top 10 list for sure! The downside is being stuck at home unable to go and do as you please. See how many ways you can make this a positive experience. This is your chance to get creative. Here's our top 10!

  1. Plan a house part-tay! The twist is you're using live video to stay connected instead of having everyone over to your house. Break out your favorite snacks and beverages. Get connected. Catch up with how your peeps are doing. Zoom isn't the only game in town for group live video. Facebook has joined in with new Messenger Desktop app for group video calls and chats. It works for Mac and Windows. Go to your app store and download for free!
  2. Take a low tech game into the digital age. How about a game of Bingo! We found free printable Bingo cards online. Check out the link for the Bingo cages if you don't have the rest of the pieces. Set up a conference call and set your phone to speaker so you can connect with friends or family that aren't at home with you. Get your creative on and think about how to convert another game. Have some fun!
  3. Create a spa experience at home. Breakout your favorite calming music, some candles, and fill up the tub. We highly recommend adding Dr. Teal's Pure Epson Salt with coconut oil to your bath water. You'll have softer skin and reduce inflamation, too.
  4. Catch up. There are all kinds of things that get behind when you're running around and working. This is your chance to crank up your tunes. You may want to use your earphones so you don't bother anyone. Get caught up on your to do list. There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction of crossing off an item on that list and making it a to-done.
  5. Reach out. You may not have time to reach out to family with the hectic pace of daily life with work and home life. Take some time to connect with extended family and friends. You could actually send a card or letter. We love You can create a customized card and mail it all from this app. You don't have to go to the store or the post office. You could add some awesome brownies, cookies or other present from the app, too.
  6. Create something. has all kinds of ideas to try. This is crafting Mecca. If you're a visual learner, this is the app for you. Almost any thing you've ever thought about making is here. It's all picture based. Want to create a craft? Do a search for the craft. Want to cook something with what's left in the pantry? Plug in your key ingrediant in search and there's your recipe. Want to draw, paint or create some origami? There may be a video or link to a website with instructions on how-to. 
  7. Video something. Since many of us are stuck at home, we're sharing life via video. With so many people having smartphones with cameras, it's easy to create one. Share an inspiring thought or rant. It doesn't have to be perfect. Have fun with the experience. Video can be shared via text, social media platform or through many digital applications. Tell a story. Read a poem.
  8. Become a fortune teller. Break out your best origami skills with the help of this YouTube video. Add some fun fortune teller predictions.

9. Photograph something! Consider creating a photo album from your digital images. Good Morning America created a segment on five digital photo books. Wouldn't it be fun to capture a special moment and share it in print?

10. Learn something! This is your chance. If the kids are doing school remotely, what's stopping you? There are TONS of online courses for everything under the sun. You might do some research on YouTube. You could sign up for Many of their courses cost no more than $20 each. Who knows, it my make you a more valuable employee or spark an opportunity to own your own business.

We hope you thought our top 10 things to do while quarantined was fun. There are tons of things to consider. Everyone has a different definition of fun, too. Maybe our list inspired you to do something completely different. That's awesome. We are always working to create a positive experience. We want to hear what your favorite thing to do is while quarantined. How do you make the best of a stress-filled situation? The Business Concierge team here at The Concierge Office Suites is sending you good health vibes, prayers and wishes.