Top 5 Benefits of a Business Concierge Service

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Have you wondered what the top five benefits of a Business Concierge service are? Many people don’t really know all the ways a concierge could help. The term concierge was first used in France around 1697. The term meant doorkeeper or keeper of the keys for a landlord. This person knew all the inner workings of the property, its occupants and those that serve the estate owner. The title of concierge evolved to staff members providing recommendations to guests of hotels in recent hospitality history.

Since 1995 The Concierge Office Suites has adapted the concept for a Business Concierge serving businesses and their executives from our full-service executive suite in Chattanooga, TN. A Business Concierge here is the caretaker who delivers supreme services with special emphasis on convenience. This person is a resource for customized information, products and services of all kinds both personal and business. A Business Concierge here can help merge or separate your personal and business needs. It’s up to you. The experience is all about pampering, and assisting – so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Have you wondered what the top five benefits of having a Business Concierge service are?

Here’s our top 5 benefits list:

1. Convenience

Having a Business Concierge is all about convenience. The convenience of locating you or your business at The Concierge Office Suites with support services just a request away. If you’re looking for more than a box with a door, this is where you need to be. Have the convenience of being able to ask for personal and business support. Many questions are already answered and resources provided for seasoned business professionals, C-Suite executives, or evolved entrepreneurs specializing in their area of business expertise. Where can I…? Could you…? How can I…? Clients have the convenience of a Business Concierge team at The Concierge Office Suites. These individuals are not “clock watchers” blowing your budget. Business Concierges are objective seekers, your objectives! The experience is all about making things conveniently happen.

2. Just-in-Time

Just-in-Time is a manufacturing term used to explain how things happen right when you need them to happen, bringing together the ideal experience or resource. It’s similar to the Goldilocks Principle, everything is “just right” and right on time or at a minimum you’re informed to make the best decision possible for the available resources. Having things right when you need them like a meeting room set up for your meeting, like your mail delivered to your desk, greeting a guest when you are running late, or receiving an email alerting you that first class mail has arrived so you don’t have to call. Just-in-Time Business Concierge services means things are there right when you need them.

3. Meaningful

Meaningful experiences can be meaning-filled for recipients of Business Concierge services. The service focus is about what you want, when you want it, and how you want it within budget. It can be catering delivered with your company colors to accent the experience for your brand. It’s a gift that is about who you are or the experience you want for your gift recipient. The experience is tailored, significant, and personalized. Meaningful means the Business Concierge really listened to what was important to you.

4. Extra-mile

The extra-mile is all about offering more than you would expect whenever possible. The extra-mile experience is happily paying attention to opportunities to serve and make things better no matter what your budget is. A Business Concierge is observing what your next question might be and attempting to answer it before you ask and provide options instead of just a no. The extra-mile is stretching to do more than the expected.

5. Leader in Service

The Concierge Office Suites is proud to share Denise Reed is our lead Business Concierge. She has a long resume of providing personalized business services for individuals and Fortune 500 companies. Her acts of service are provided on behalf of the firms she has served and their recipients. She’s managed all kinds of projects and teams and emersed herself in finding unique and local sources for the most creative option possible.

In the current work environment, there are all kinds of excuses about why something didn’t meet an expectation. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you had an advocate for your needs? A Business Concierge at The Concierge Office Suites is your advocate. We know it’s taken fortitude and diligence to survive with all the changes and challenges we’ve all experienced recently. Clients of The Concierge Office Suites understand and experience on a daily basis all the benefits of having someone in their corner providing convenience, just-in-time, meaningful, extra-mile experiences and products.