We Believe Tweeny-preneurs Deserve…

We believe every business person should have freedom from office space management! We want business people to experience the freedom to live, not just work! In fact, we have built our whole business model around this.

The Concierge Office Suites is totally prepared to support the tweeny-preneur, the business that has made it past the hiccups of startup and ready for growth. Congrats, many of these businesses have made it beyond one year or even more! You’re starting to get in your business groove at three years. Your customers are starting to find you and value your services or products. Your brand is beginning to be recognized because you’re starting to really get out there if you’ve made it to five years. It’s really awesome if you’ve broken even and started generating profits.

The Concierge Office Suites believes every business person deserves their business plan and strategy should be kept confidential and not required to have access to office space. Your business plan is yours. Your business strategy is yours. If you pay your bills, that’s all that should matter. Grow your business at your pace. Get your side-hustle on and know you have the flexibility to scale when it works for you. Who says you have to start in an incubator or need investors? If you have a great idea that’s working and you’re making money, why would you want all these people literally “all up in your business”?

Have you thought about:

  • The awesomeness of a virtual office? A virtual office offers a street address to position your business. Other services like meeting rooms, a business center with copier, scanner, or fax machine may be available.
  • Have you thought about just-in-time clerical support? What if you need research done, document management, data entry, a slide presentation prepared for your next talk? What about virtual assistance? These professionals you only pay per project and the team gets to know your brand, would have your logo, and other provided identities ready to plug into your next project or presentation. Why would you have a temp person just sitting around waiting to be told what to do? Have work completed based on your goal, and your desired outcome.
  • Step up your productivity with a business concierge! Now, you’re talking life hacks. Your business concierge should have expertise in the geographical area they are located, or a particular area of experience or expertise. They could recommend parking for events, best places to go, and many other knowledge resources.
  • Are you wanting to break out of coffee shops or noisy restaurants and just don’t know where to go? Check out a full-service office space. They may have a perfect meeting room that is available by the hour, half-day or full-day for very reasonable rates. You might even have coffee services included.

The Concierge Office Suites is so much more than a box with a door. We’ve tried to think of everything a business person might need to successfully operate a business from an office. We offer all the services listed above and more. The best part is it’s one convenient invoice a month. All our clients do is ask and we’re ready to serve them. We don’t want business professionals trying to juggle it all and suffer alone. We want you to be successful in Chattanooga, TN! We know if you’re successful, we will be.  We’re cheering for you!