Work! I Need to Focus!

Some days it feels like you’re in a stadium, the fourth quarter, and the last minute on the clock. If you’re like I am, you already have a cacophony of voices in your head resonating about the task you’re trying to accomplish. You are not alone in the search for focus. Your contributors to the voices in your head are the team you’re working with, your goals on your to-do list, and any outside customer or client that’s breathing down your neck to gain their own results from your task.

Some of us need silence and uninterrupted concentration to achieve our detailed tasks. Some of us enjoy a little background music to keep plowing through the pile of tasks in front of us. Others enjoy some serious jamming tunes to motivate us through to the end. Your workspace should contribute to your focused productivity and that includes your desire to interact or not.

Collaboration workspaces seem to be “the rage” for all the millions of square feet left empty of office space around the world. Not everyone wants or even needs to collaborate. Coworking spaces, coffee shops, and home offices aren’t always ideal even if the price point works for your budget. Sometimes all we need is some quiet, focused concentration! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have flexible office workspace options based on how you needed to focus?


Here are three important questions to ask about attention. The Peak Performance Center recommends asking these three questions about the type of attention you need to perform well:

  • Does the task need your undivided attention?
  • Do you need to concentrate on one thing while ignoring other things that may be going on at the same time?
  • Do you have to do two activities at the same time?

These three questions could help you consider the best office or workspace environment that would work well for you and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Are you an evolved entrepreneur? Have you honed your craft and skills to the point you’re able to work remotely from the rest of your team? Maybe you’re part of the C-suite team and not working close enough to the rest of your company to drive into the office every day. In fact, you may be a part of the gig economy where you’re developing a side hustle into your main hustle. Depending on what’s going on in your personal life you may want to find actual office space so you can work outside your home or coffee shop. Is there an office space that would work for all these scenarios?

There are about as many office space options as there are ways people who want to work in them! In fact, you’ll want to consider a full-service office or executive suite so you gain the most flexibility and increase your ability to concentrate in a quiet space. You may want to ask about virtual office options within these types of spaces if you’re not going to work from the space on a consistent daily basis. These offices often offer a just-in-time or as-you-need-it service option. Like X-amount of hours access to the workspace with all the amenities like copies, scans, faxes, etc. Think about how you want to work and what the actual work is. Feel free to research online, call for details, book a tour and decide what works for the way you want to work and your available budget.

The Concierge Office Suites in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers meeting room access, membership access, virtual office positioning, and private office rental in their full-service office space. There are several budget options depending on how you want to work and what makes sense for your budget.