Awards and Recognitions Promote Yourself!

The four-minute mile, the moon landing, being the first or being the best at something are all recognition worthy. Be memorable! Get recognized! Shift perception! Draw people to you as a recognized leader by achieving awards for your knowledge, work, and service.

What’s the definition of an award? 
An award is recognition for an accomplishment. Be a top performer in a competition or accomplish an outstanding achievement.

Get everyone on the leadership publicity bandwagon. 
Keep your eyes and ears open to be nominated for awards, competitions, or service recognition. Seek opportunities for your work and service to others so it’s share-worthy. In business, achieving recognition and sharing it is the definition of publicity. Are you or people in your firm volunteering or serving in a leadership role? You or your firm may be eligible for recognition because of these activities. There are all kinds of opportunities to gain leadership recognition outside of your own business.

Author Rachel Meranus in Entrepreneur recommends these steps in her post “Winning Award Competitions”:

  1. Identify Award Opportunities
  2. Submit Early and Keep Track of Deadlines
  3. Pay Close Attention to Award Categories
  4. Be Selective
  5. Promote Your Award

Become a recognized leader. 
Create a wake of accolades and awards for the work and service you accomplish. Consider serving on a nomination or board committee to learn more about the award process. Here are some idea prompts to consider for the kinds of recognition you might be eligible for:

Kinds of Recognition

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Business
  • Accomplishments
  • Milestones
  • Associations
  • The best of…
  • Competitions

We also thought a few local Chattanooga recognition opportunities were worth mentioning. If you aren’t in Chattanooga, Tennessee, consider this search phrase location awards recognition for recognition in your area. Here are a few award/recognition opportunities that we found:

Chattanooga Awards/Recognition

All three of these steps for recognition being nominated, being a finalist and winning are noteworthy. You may want to develop a strategy for recognition and make sure to promote your recognition through these phases.

Recognition to share

  • Being nominated
  • Being a finalist
  • Winning!

We recommend a baseline of publicity as outlined below. Share those accolades and awards everywhere you can. You want this kind of community and industry buzz. Here’s our recommended publicity baseline to get the word out. 

Publicity Baseline

  • Share on social media in profiles, posts, photos, and video.
  • Write a blog post about the recognition experience, telling the story on your website.
  • Share your recognition in your marketing materials.
  • If the recognition was published in print, frame the article and hang it in your office.
  • Send a press release about the received recognition to industry publications, and local media that maybe didn’t cover your recognition.

When you’re in business, you need all the publicity you can get. It takes a ton of work to be recognized or awarded for your industry knowledge, work or service. It will take some research time to find the best award or recognition to position you or your business. If you haven’t considered using this methodology to promote you or your business, we hope we have inspired you to consider this. 

Our business concierge team at The Concierge Office Suites is all about helping our clients truly connect with the community and grow. We’re always looking for ways to serve, promote and refer our private office and virtual office clients. This is just one example. We’re redefining what full-service office space or executive suite means to the C-Suite evolved entrepreneur.