I hate managing my office space!

Do you ever feel like throwing a grown up temper tantrum when it comes to managing your office space? Are you not sure whether to scream into the phone or pound on your keyboard to get things repaired? Do you have five or more vendors with multiple contacts you call related to keeping everything functioning for your office space?

woman screaming at phone


A Traditional Commercial Office Space

If you’re leasing commercial office space, you probably have:

  • A property owner for the lease.
  • Maintenance staff when something is broken in the building.
  • Utility contacts for power and water, housekeeping, internet services, phones.
  • And probably some other vendors.

Focus on What Makes Money

How can you focus on what’s making you money? Vendor management can distract you and consume valuable money making time during the work day. All these vendors cost you money and time to manage them, especially when something goes wrong. Usually, more than one phone call or email is required to handle getting something fixed. Then after the repair is made, equipment repaired or replaced you have to make sure the invoice is correct.

Accounting Costs

Are your dollars really working for you? Time is money. Just think about what a bookkeeper alone charges per hour. It’s $20-$50 per hour. This doesn’t include your time to prepare the accounts payable transactions for your bookkeeper or whatever software you’re using. If you’re responsible for sales or customer service and dealing with managing the office space maintenance, you’re missing valuable time not focusing on what makes you money!

Full-service Office Space Efficiency

woman sitting in a lobby reading a magazineWouldn’t it be great to walk in the door to your office, focus on meeting client service needs or increasing your sales? A full-service office space can this do for you. You’ll no longer have multiple vendors to make sure the office space is well maintained. One call in a full-service office space could make all the difference. A true full-service office space can manage everything listed above for traditional commercial real estate and may offer even more service options. There may be:

  • A staffed lobby to manage guest access to your office, and help with mail or other correspondence.
  • Office furniture rental available.
  • Access to private meeting spaces with flat panel screens and public access wi-fi.
  • Private break room with coffee service.
  • Business lounge to enjoy your lunch and get away from your desk without leaving the office.
  • Other services might be available like: document shredding, postage, copies, scans, or faxes.

Stop the urge for a grown up temper tantrum! Save your vocal chords from screaming into the phone. A full-service office space offers freedom to focus on money making work for your business. Go serve your customers with a smile on your face knowing your private office space related needs are being met in a full-service office.