10 Best Instagram Practices For Your Business

Our Idea Factory, Jelly! Chattanooga event highlights cover Instagram and other digital image fun! We cover all kinds of entrepreneurial conversations at these events. Instagram is all about the image, be it photo or video. Check out this social media platform especially if you’re a lifestyle brand or an image would help promote what you’re doing. We help business people focus on getting more out of their day. Everyone can use some help with their social media exposure these days.

Instagram stats:

200 million monthly users
1.6 billion likes per day
60 million photos per day

Here’s our Instagram listicle:

  1. Know your audience and identify your brand voice.

    This is important for all marketing. Once you have done research to identify what your audience likes and what they respond to the most, use that information to tailor your posts. Create a brand voice that supplements you audience’s tastes and stick with it so that your brand is always unique.

  2. Know what times are the best for posting.

    This is important because you don’t want to post when your audience is asleep or working. View a guide here about the right times to post.

  3. Keep your captions short unless you have a compelling story behind the image.

    National Geographic is a great page to look at for posting longer captions. They tell stories behind their posts, which make them more meaningful. If there’s no truly captivating story behind the image, keep it short.

  4. Use hashtags wisely.

    A study by Simply Measured shows that using hashtags increases engagement by 12.6 percent. View a guide to using hashtags on Instagram here.

  5. Post videos!

    People love short videos. Google loves videos. Videos engage the laziest customers.

  6. Use a call to action or ask your followers a question.

    Give them a reason to do something. This inspires action and they’ll remember your campaign better.

  7. Tag your location.

    It’ll result in 79 percent more engagement. It’s that simple.

  8. Give behind the scenes glimpses into your business.

    This will give your brand a sense of humanity. People love to get a sneak peak of what makes your business work and it’ll give your brand some empathy.

  9. Give shout outs to your best fans and customers.

    Inclusion makes people happy and they’ll love you for it.

  10. Showcase your employees.

    Brands that do this show that their employees are important. This is another way to give your brand a sense of humanity and empathy. Your employees will appreciate it, too.

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