Top Conferences to Attend for Entrepreneurs in 2019


Written by Denise Reed in Self-Improvement for Entrepreneurs

The evolved entrepreneur puts a premium on efficiency. Flying solo or outsourcing critical aspects of your business to a virtual team helps you get things done faster and more efficiently while keeping your overhead low. If you’re an evolved entrepreneur, then you want to be and present yourself as a professional at all times. You understand having a polished business image when growing your company is a must, and you understand the importance of client experiences with your brand for professional growth.

Business is about people, and relationships are critical to sustaining and increasing growth. Attending business conferences for entrepreneurs on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to network and forge new, valuable relationships and resources for your company.

There are hundreds of business conferences operating annually in almost every country in the world. Conferences not only help people connect and network, but they also help professionals learn more about their industry and keep up-to-date on new developments in the field. Conferences come in all sizes and varying experiences. Each conference targets a different audience and will have different objectives — entrepreneurial, industry-specific, tech-heavy, marketing, sales, business operations, C-Suite, lifestyle-focused, domestic, international, casual, formal, and more.

The list below will give you an overview and pick of gatherings for any leader and any set of business goals you might have.

2019 Conferences for Evolved Entrepreneurs

If attending a conference is on your to-do list for growing your business and continuing your professional development in 2019, any one of the following events can help you do just that. We’ve organized these events by date.

eWomenNetwork Entrepreneur Conference and Expo

When: August 1st and 3rd in Ann Frisco, TX

Welcome to the #1 women’s business community in North America as host to this three-day conference and expo. The mission for eWomenNetwork is to help one million women entrepreneurs each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue. This annual event is jam-packed with resources to grow your business and help you build a network of connections. Google thought this event and eWomenNetwork Chapter events were worth sponsoring. If you have dreams and goals to reach one million dollars in earnings, this could be your opportunity to connect.

Next Gen Summit

When: June 7th - 9th in New York City

The Next Gen Summit is a personalized experience for entrepreneurs looking to foster greater connections in their industry or niche. Those who attend the conference will get access to their 5000 member-strong global network. Attendees will have access to educational resources as well, and get to listen to a variety of gifted speakers and panels. Participants will also have access to mentorship programs with industry experts, and opportunities to pitch and win capital for their startup.

2019 Baby Bathwater Island II

When: June 26th through 30th in Croatia

This conference is a pre-vetted event where the founders interview prospective attendees. The event is geared toward networking with other ambitious, skilled, and personable entrepreneurs, and it is highly exclusive. Only 20% of the applicants get through the vetting process.

Inbound 2019

When: September 3rd through 6th in Boston, Maine

Inbound 2019 is for marketers and people who are passionate about inbound marketing techniques specifically. The event is intended to inspire and educate salespeople and marketers with speakers and panels that are designed around the concept of kindness and empathy, and a more inclusive future in sales.

Nerve: Rebirth

When: September 24th through 27th in Charleston, South Carolina

The theme for this year’s Nerve conference is called Rebirth. The meeting is set to encourage evolved entrepreneurs to rethink, retool, and reinvent the way they approach their business and their personal growth. The Rebirth conference will aim to improve attendees’ business agility and also encourage them to aim higher in their endeavors as business leaders. The conference will consist of a variety of social activities, and participants will get to hear several world-renowned leaders speak on different topics related to leadership and growth.

Web Summit 2019

When: November 4th through 7th in Lisbon

Web Summit 2019 is for entrepreneurs who want the inside scoop on technology and technological advances that are industry-specific and also impacting the entire world. The conference will feature talks and panels with the CEOs and founders of some of the world's most influential tech titans and policymakers. Attendees will learn what’s happening next in the world of tech.

Build Your Speaking Biz Bootcamp

When: November 8th through 10th in Washington, D.C.

If you want to promote yourself or your business, speak! Speaking positions you as a leader. This bootcamp brings together both keynote and selling from the stage speaking techniques. Learn from multimillion-dollar earners, Larry Winget, and Suzanne Evans. In fact, Suzanne Evans Coaching is a 5-Time Inc. 5000 Honoree and part of the Inc. 5000 Hall of Fame. Gain a speaking road map with power tool resources. The build your Speaking Biz Bootcamp is the avenue to the high impact, high profile, high-profit future you are destined for.  

OPLZA 2019

When: To Be Decided in To Be Decided

OPLZA is a conference for business leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills with hands-on workshops, and detailed software learning sessions. The three-day conference is also packed with keynote speakers for inspiration and insight into the evolution of the business world and entrepreneurship.

2019 INC 5000

When: To Be Determined in To Be Determined

The 2019 INC 5000 conference is a three-day meeting intended to bring together the movers and shakers of the evolved business world. The conference will feature hours of thought-provoking speeches and workshops, which are designed to leave attendees with increased insight into how to grow their businesses and increase their momentum.

Let us mind your office while you’re away

Attending a conference as an evolved entrepreneur will give you access to some great, creative minds that will enable you to grow in your business and achieve things you never thought possible. Take advantage of these conference opportunities to benchmark where your business is and where you want to take it. Pick up some new skills or resources to propel you and your business forward.

Going to a conference will enable you to forge new, strategic connections, fostering a growth mindset and bring you closer to your goals. Convert your digital connections to real life ones. There is nothing like sitting down and having a conversation face to face.  Traveling to meet these far-reaching connections is an essential part of entrepreneurial growth. But who is going to manage your office while you’re away?

We can manage your mail, overnight deliveries, take care of your clients, and keep your business operations running smoothly while you’re attending a critical and valuable conference. As a private office client, we can even provide live call management so you don’t miss that important contact and focus on the reason you decided to attend a conference in the first place. Our business concierge team can help you continue your networking after the event by creating a contact list to follow up with after the conference.

The sign you’re truly an evolved entrepreneur is you can delegate tasks to a trusted support team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can maintain your business while you travel.