When will the Real ID be Required?

I found out about the Real ID because I was thinking about flying in the future. I was planning to fly within the U.S. for a conference this year. My driver's license was up for renewal this year, too. This became the perfect document update storm. 

Tennessee began issuing REAL ID compliant credentials July 1, 2019. If you live in the state of Tennessee the Real ID is available now. You'll want to do your homework and have the correct credentials before you renew your driver's license in 2020. The Real ID compliant Tennessee driver's license will have a gold star in the upper right hand corner of your license.

Beginning October 1, 2020, all persons must have a REAL ID license for accessing certain Federal buildings, entering nuclear facilities, and boarding commercial flights within the United States.

A REAL ID driver license or Identification credential is not required for any other reason than to allow you to continue to fly domestically within the United States and access certain federal facilities after October 1, 2020. A REAL ID will cost the same as current Tennessee licenses and IDs. If it is time to renew your license, the cost to obtain a REAL ID driver license or Identification credential will be the standard renewal fee of an 8-year credential. A Real ID costs less than a passport, if you don't currently have a passport to fly domestically.

Check out what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is saying about the Real ID in the video below.

Here's a short cut to the Real ID requirements (click the link for the list of documents) for the state of Tennessee. You may be required to present a minimum of four documents for this process under these three categories:

  • Proof to establish citizenship or legal presence
  • Proof of your full Social Security Number
  • Two proofs of Tennessee residency

Don't plan to "just renew" your Tennessee license if you think you might want to fly in the future. This planning could save you a ton of headaches. It's great to have a Business Concierge that is looking out for you and your business. At The Concierge Office Suites, our Business Concierge team works hard to keep the wheels of progress turning and in this case you flying above the clouds.